2012 Jezreel Valley Winery Israel Red Blend 750 mL

A Red Blend wine from Israel which is composed of 40% Carignan, 40% Syrah and 20% Argaman grapes. Israel, located in the fertile crescent of the old testament, has become very well known for its wine production over the decades. This 2012 vintage certainly shares in the unique history and culture of the region.

The Jezreel Valley Winery uses Carignan grapes from very old wines that are over 30 years in age and were originally planted in Israel. The Syrah grapes hail from the Upper Galilee region where a combination of mediterranean weather and a cold climate leads to a black pepper taste with the grape. As for the Argaman grape, it is th only unique varietal to come out of Israel, being a hybrid of the Souazao and Carignan grapes from the Weizman Institute in Israel.

These 3 varietals combine to produce a strong aroma of black pepper, strawberry and cranberry fruit. It is a very smooth wine that contains an alcohol-by-volume of 14%. It shares the special qualities of being vegan in nature and kosher. The Jezreel Valley Winery is ultimately a small, family-owned winery that produces wine from a boutique standpoint. Their red blend has a deep red color with intense flavoring and good balance.

It is certainly a wine that is worth checking out, and at $35 dollars a bottle, it is fairly priced for a premium Israeli Wine.

Check it out at the link below:
2012 Jezreel Valley Winery Red Blend, 750 mL


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