Non-Vintage Grande Cuvee, Champagne 375 mL Wine

Average Rating: 95 Points

Another sparkling Champagne wine from Champagne, France. This one is produced by the Krug Winery and is a phenomenal Champagne Blend set at a reasonable yet still luxurious price. The scentsĀ and aroma are very strong in this blend.

The aromas include unique smells such as hazelnut, barley sugar, coconut, leather, candied citrus, almonds, honey, nougat, baked brioche with roasted coffee and grilled nuts that permeate throughout the senses. Great Depth and complexity in this NV blend from Krug.

Deep Gold in color with a small yet fine and bubbly appeal. This wine is full to the taste and has an air of elegance about it. Other aromas included the smell of blossoming flowers, fruit that is ripe and dried, gingerbread, citrus and marzipan.

A creamy and complex wine, this Champagne blend can go well with a variety of different food items. This is a smooth wine to drink and it comes highly recommended!

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NV Krug Grande Cuvee, Champagne 375 mL Wine